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About us
We are "The Hempeteers". A group of people who specialize in innovative products in the legal Hemp and Cannabis markets. Innovators with a view of the market.

Through years of proven experience in these industries, we have an eye for discovering successful, innovative concepts. As "The Hempeteers" we have introduced a number of different brands and products to the market.

One of these brands is Hempathy. Hempathy is an innovative company. We only work with the most natural and organic products on the market. Hempathy bases his knowledge on an age-old recipe.


Our CBD oil, for example, is not, as most competing colleagues do, made from hemp seed oil, but our CBD oil is made from a carefully composed variety of beautiful and especially easily absorbable oils.

We are also the first producer in the Netherlands, completely independently and independently, to market a CBD lozenge. Again as you are used to with all our products, with a very accessible taste. Also for children. So not that very bitter and strong taste that most people and especially children experience as annoying. Our CBD lozenges are based on a dose of 2 CBD drops of oil per tablet. Lozenges are ideal because the active substances are absorbed many times better and more directly through your mouth.

There is also a very nice "Panacea" CBD cream from Hempathy. This cream has also been carefully thought out. In addition to the fixed “WISE MEN” recipe with Myrrh, Boswelia and Cannabinoids, a great deal of thought has been given to all sorts of other components and carriers. Almost all are beneficial and at least organic and natural.

The fragrances and flavors (Terpenes) used by us are naturally found in Hemp and Cannabis products. These waxes and fats are also important for the entourage effect of all Hempathy products.
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